Find frontend developers in Amsterdam: A guide to source the best talent

Pubished 16th October 2020

Frontend development is the practice of building the user-facing aspects of a website, application or software package. A frontend developer often works closely with design and user experience professionals to bring wireframes from development to delivery.

There are currently 1090 frontend developers in Amsterdam and 58% of them have changed jobs in the last year. The average tenure is 1.2 years.

Fast stats on frontend developers

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020


Frontend developers in Amsterdam

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Changed jobs in the last year


Avg. tenure in years

Gender diversity for frontend developers in Amsterdam

The frontend developer workforce in Amsterdam has a male majority of 81% whilst 19% are female.

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020

What schools are producing frontend developers?

Among the universities where most graduates are placed into frontend developer roles in Amsterdam; Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences comes out on top with 118 developers. The University of Amsterdam comes in second with 81 developers followed by Codaisseur of Amsterdam with 55.

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020

University degrees

Most of Amsterdam's frontend developer talent has a bachelor’s degree (58%) while over to a third (35%) have a master’s degree.

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020

Most common skills among frontend developers

The top three skills that frontend developers in Amsterdam list on their LinkedIn profile are JavaScript (98%), CSS (87%) and React.js (61%).

Fastest growing skills among frontend developers

Vue.js, GraphQL and React Native are the top three fastest-growing skills among frontend developers in Amsterdam.

Most common titles among frontend developers

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020

Top companies hiring frontend developers

The top companies in Amsterdam that have grown their frontend developer teams in the last year are (87%), Backbase (25%) and Adyen (24%).

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020

Industries hiring frontend developers

The industries where the most frontend developers in Amsterdam have been hired are Computer Software (129), FinTech (57) and Retail (34).

LinkedIn Talent Insights, October 2020

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