Navigating Leadership in Fintech with Claire Magennis

Pubished 5th March 2024

Join Michelle Khan in a riveting conversation with Claire Magennis, CEO of Uber Payments UK, on this episode of "Women Who Make it Happen." Unpack Claire's dynamic journey through the fintech landscape, highlighting her innovative leadership and the transformative power of diversity in tech.

What's Inside:

🌟 Innovative Fintech Leadership: Delve into Claire's strategic vision in leading Uber Payments UK and her approach to the evolving world of fintech.

🌟 Championing Diversity: Learn how Claire's commitment to inclusivity is setting new standards in the tech industry.

🌟 Trailblazing Journey: Follow Claire's path from a university graduate to a fintech luminary, illustrating the impact of embracing unexpected opportunities.

🔥 Why Watch?

Discover the keys to successful leadership in the fast-paced fintech sector.
Gain insights into the significance of diversity and inclusion in creating robust teams.
Get motivated by Claire's story of resilience, innovation, and her philosophy of saying 'yes' to growth and opportunity.

Key Topics: Fintech leadership, diversity in tech, career development, innovation, women in leadership.