Can Ethics Shape the Future of Finance? with Meredith Beeston

Pubished 22nd February 2024

Join Michelle Khan for a thought-provoking dialogue with Meredith Beeston, Financial Crime Compliance Director at ClearBank, in this episode of "The Women Who Make it Happen." Delve into the intersections of ethics, leadership, and the pivotal role of women in reshaping the finance industry.

What's Inside:

Ethics in Finance: Explore how ethical considerations are becoming fundamental to financial decision-making.

Female Leadership: Witness the influence of women leading the charge in financial crime compliance and beyond.

Breaking Boundaries: Meredith shares her journey of international adaptation and the potency of diversity in the workplace.

Why Watch?

Uncover the significance of ethical leadership in finance and its impact on the industry's trajectory.

Hear firsthand about the challenges and triumphs of women in traditionally male-dominated sectors.

Be inspired by Meredith's insights on mentorship, career growth, and effecting tangible change.

Key Topics: Ethical finance, female leadership, diversity and inclusion, career development.