Does Finance Empower or Impede Progress? with Sisieta Owen

Pubished 25th April 2024

Join Michelle Khan in this enlightening episode of "Women Who Make it Happen," featuring the dynamic Sisieta Owen, Senior Director of Global Compliance Risk Management. Explore Sisieta's profound insights as she shares her journey, emphasising leadership, diversity, and the power of breaking barriers.

What's Inside:

🌟 Navigating Social Mobility and Diversity: Sisieta discusses her commitment to improving social mobility through diversity and inclusion efforts, shedding light on how empowerment can stem from mentoring and advocating for underrepresented groups.

🌟 Empowering Leadership from the Back: Discover Sisieta’s unique leadership style that focuses on enabling teams to become self-sufficient, promoting a culture where leaders nurture and step back to let the team shine.

🌟 From Economic Theories to Financial Leadership: Trace Sisieta's journey from her first role at HSBC to leading risk management and compliance, and how she applies her deep understanding of economic principles to drive practical solutions in finance.

🌟 Overcoming Self-Limitations: Hear how Sisieta challenges the internal barriers we often impose on ourselves and the influence of powerful role models, like her mother, in shaping resilient and successful paths.

🌟 A Passion for Technology and Innovation in Finance: Learn about Sisieta’s transition into fintech, embracing technological advancements to solve traditional financial challenges while paving the way for regulatory change.

🔥 Why Watch?

- Gain insights into leveraging diversity and inclusion to foster social mobility and team empowerment.

- Understand how economic theories can be applied to practical financial management and leadership.

- Explore the importance of overcoming self-imposed limitations and embracing one's unique potential.

- Key Topics: Leadership, diversity, economic theory, risk management, fintech, women in leadership.