Is Compliance the New Business Driver? with Gabriela Gutierrez

Pubished 18th April 2024

Join us in this transformative episode of "Women Who Make it Happen," featuring Gabriela Gutierrez, Global Senior Ethics & Compliance Manager at Just Eat, and hosted by Anna Massey.

In this episode, Gabriela guides us through her compelling journey from Santiago, Chile, to her pivotal role in the Netherlands, sharing how she’s reshaping the landscape of compliance and ethics in the corporate world.

What's Inside:
Gabriela's Ethical Leadership: Delve into how Gabriela's experiences across diverse industries have honed her approach to ethical leadership and compliance, emphasising the integration of these principles as core business strategies.

Cultural Adaptability in Compliance: Learn about the challenges and successes Gabriela faced when adapting compliance strategies across different cultural landscapes, from banking in global metropolises to mining in the Andes.

Mentorship and Professional Growth: Discover the importance Gabriela places on mentorship and self-advocacy, and how these elements have played a crucial role in her professional development and in fostering the next generation of ethical leaders.

Navigating Digital Transformation: Gain insights into how digital shifts during the pandemic have influenced Gabriela's work in ethics and compliance, and the broader implications for the industry.

Why Watch?

- Understand the complexities and nuances of integrating ethics into business practices from Gabriela’s first-hand experiences.

- Get inspired by Gabriela’s methods of overcoming industry challenges with adaptability and proactive leadership.

- Explore the significant impact of mentorship and community in building a successful career in compliance and ethics.