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Pubished 28th January 2022

We interviewed Paul Church, Managing Director about the business and culture at InterQuest’s London Office.

Video Transcription

Hello, I'm Paul Church, I'm Managing Director of InterQuest in London.

I look after three practices, one is our digital arm ECOM. We have a technology practice as well and also an analytics practice.

We're largely based in our offices in Cannon Green, just up the road from London Bridge.

Tell us about your team

We've got a really nice, collaborative, friendly culture here.

There's a real emphasis on high performance, everybody wants to be the best, earn the most money, make the most deals, but everyone helps each other, which can be quite rare in recruitment and it's something I think is pretty unique to InterQuest.

We work long hours, you know, it's just the nature of the job, but we play hard as well.

We hang out with each other, always go for drinks, trying to do team activities, hang out with each other after work as well.

So there's a real kind of family culture for me having been at InterQuest for two years or so, just over that.

That's something that's really stood out to me since I joined the business and so I feel that in my own practices, but there's a lot of collaboration and hanging out, working together with other parts of the group as well.

So you do feel like you have quite a big community.

Who are your clients?

The clients we tend to work with, really really do vary.

We change the technology rather than the nature of businesses we place the people into.

So we work generally with companies where technology is at the core of the business strategy rather than just a route to market.

We're thinking, you know, businesses which don't necessarily have a shop in the high street, or you know a physical presence.

A lot of online businesses who are using kind of cutting-edge tech, data and digital technology. And they can be based all the way throughout the UK.

We place into Europe, we place into the United States as well.

That's a big emphasis for us because there's a big opportunity in the US but the location of our clients doesn't matter so much anymore, particularly when everyone seems to be or are working more of a hybrid model these days to where they work.

What type of candidates do you place?

In terms of the seniority of the people we place, they tend to have salaries of anything between 45 to 150 grand per year.

Generally, these are top people in specific niche markets, which are highly sought after by our clients.

Which means we can be at incredible value if we position ourselves in the right way to the businesses we want to work with.

We place both contract and permanent candidates at our clients.

So we have consultants who specifically work on building the contractor base for InterQuest and supplying our clients with top-class interim talent. But we do yeah, we have plenty of perm vacancies, always so many perm vacancies, and yeah we do that as well.

Who do you want to hear from?

In terms of what we look for in this business, in my practices, in terms of people joining our company for me always boils down to what's the why?

Why do you need to be successful?

Why are you willing to make a career in recruitment?

Take the long hours, the stressful job, the ups and the downs? Which I live for.

You know, I'd rather have ups and downs than the flat line, definitely.

But it's a commitment and it's a lifestyle.

So I need to understand why somebody wants to do that.

What's the end goal for them?

Why do they need that?

And if they've got that 'why' and that substance as to why they want to work in recruitment, that's probably the most important thing for me.

After that, I think you need a real aptitude for learning and an ability to take on all the jargon and the technical talk, which we throw around with our candidates.

I think you've got to be completely trusting in us that we can get you where you need to get to. And if you decide that we're the right business for you to work for, you need to commit to that and trust that we will lead you down the right path and make you the best version of yourself possible.

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