Q&A with Anna Massey, Risk Regulation and Compliance

Pubished 5th December 2022

How long have you been working in recruitment and what's your specialism?

I’m Anna Massey, Managing Consultant within the Risk, Regulation and Compliance Practice. I’ve been with InterQuest for five years and relocated to Amsterdam in March this year. The focus has been initially on setting up the office, building the team here and expanding our client and candidate base, which has gone really well as we've successfully pushed the brand to market.

What are the biggest challenge in the market:

Demand for top talent has remained, leading to increased competition to secure candidates as the talent pool narrows. Looking specifically at Amsterdam and Europe, roles within the governance space have seen a particular surge in demand now the regulator is cracking down. Businesses will need to facilitate the up-skilling of both their incoming talent pipeline and current workforce in order to create a solid grounding moving forwards.

There's been so much demand across regulatory compliance and legal. Instead of the traditional approach whereby leadership is separated from the remainder of the team, clients now require candidates with multi-faceted skillsets ranging from leadership, strategic implementation and execution. This will enable companies to look to more rapidly expand their product capability and build high performing teams.

What do you see happening in the future?

Amid worsening global economic conditions, there is building uncertainty across the sector. However, the market currently remains buoyant as businesses are still committed to building teams and launching services or products. I don’t have a crystal ball that tells us where we’ll be this time next year, but I don’t think it will be on the levels of decline experienced in 2008.

What advice would you give to Clients?

Following several layoffs particularly within the Crypto sector, businesses may make the mistake of thinking the market is becoming more client centric. However, competition for top talent remains at an all-time high, the market remains candidate driven meaning businesses need to ensure they are hiring at pace and are doing their utmost to sell the culture.

What advice would you give to candidates?

Identifying the reason why someone wants to move on is a key consideration. I always ask candidates the following questions if they are considering moving from their current role:

  • What is driving your motivation to leave?
  • Have you discussed any issues with your current employer?
  • What is your career aspiration - short term and long term?

This helps build a clear outline of your profile, align your interest and find the right opportunity with the right clients in order to get you where you want to be.

Whilst pace from the client side is important, candidates must also take a pro-active approach to the application process. Don’t delay when it comes to booking an interview date and respond promptly when communicating with a hiring manager. This shows you’re invested in the process and the sooner you have those discussions the less likely another candidate will beat you to the line.

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