How to manage remote teams

Pubished 16th January 2020

The 1999 Labour Force Survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), found that only 9.5% of the workforce operated within flexible hours outside of the standard '9-5'. Fast forward over 20 years and recent statistics from CIPD have found this stat to have soared, with 54% of workers having the flexibility to work hours that suit them.

However, the 2019 UK Working Lives Report illustrated that whilst strides have been made towards flexible working, 68% of professionals would like to work flexibly in a way yet to be supported by their organisation.

Despite this, it is clear the flexible working trend is on the rise. With this, managers must be agile enough to employ new strategies into place to manage their remote teams or risk a loss of productivity. So how can managers manage their remote teams effectively?

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