Empathy Mapping: How To Understand & Support Your Workforce

Pubished 3rd September 2020

Join us as we discuss Empathy Mapping and how to understand and support your workforce. In this interactive webinar, Joe Morgan, Managing Director of Experience Haus, will talk us through why now more than even empathy is a must-have competency and then the blueprint as to how you can apply this in your business - Empathy Mapping.

Joe Morgan is Managing Director of Experience Haus, a leading training firm specialising in unlocking the latent innovative power in workforces.

Prior to running Haus, Joe was a Head of Strategy, UX and Service Design with over 18 years experience: 8 running his own music publishing business and 10 working across a number of large agency networks and smaller independent boutique shops.

His knowledge and expertise span the entire gamut of marketing disciplines, from brand, advertising, content and CRM to media, social, design and digital transformation. This, coupled with his wide-ranging sector expertise - including retail, fashion, FMCG, automotive, hospitality, luxury, telecommunications, not-for-profit, consumer electronics, technology, arts, healthcare and pharmaceuticals - makes him a much sought after consultant to some of the world’s most successful and ambitious firms.

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