Looking After Mental Health In The Workplace

Pubished 27th August 2020

Join us as we discuss looking after your mental health in the workplace. We are joined by two guest speakers; Amber Coster, Founder & CEO, Balpro and George Bettany, Founder, Sanctus.

Amber Coster
Amber Coster is Founder & CEO of Balpro. Before launching her own business she helped take a technology company from a $100m valuation through a $3.7bn acquisition but suffered from a [glorious] mental breakdown along the way. Learning from this experience and determined to help prevent others reach this same fate, Balpro helps organisations grow, but not at the cost of their employees.

Balpro is born from The Balance Project and has been featured in The Times, BBC and the Evening Standard. Most recently, Amber worked with Channel 5 News to deliver a week of daily mental health tips.

George Bettany

George is the founder of Sanctus. They are on a mission to inspire millions of people to work on their mental health and to make working on your mental health as accessible as working on your physical health.

Their big vision is to put the world's first mental health gym on the high street. Over the last 3 years, they have focused on bringing 'the gym' to the workplace through Sanctus coaching - a safe, impartial, confidential space where employees can work on their mental health with a qualified Sanctus coach.

They work with a range of businesses, from the BBC and Red Bull to Just Eat and Aviva and last month nearly 1,000 people booked in for a Sanctus session at work.

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