Hack Manchester 2019 round-up

Pubished 7th November 2019

Late last month, ECOM were lucky enough to sponsor HAC100’s annual Hack Manchester event. Based at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum, the weekend involved taking part in 1 of the 4 challenges set by Insight Investment, Clockwork, Dunnhumby and the Co-op, followed by a mega 24 hours straight (25 if you count the clocks going back) of coding and caffeine!

Did you miss? Did someone say coffee? - Hack Manchester 2019

Although we weren’t any help with the coding, we did ensure everyone got their coffee fix, partnering with Ancoats Coffee and providing over 600 cups of coffee over the two days. We also ran a breakout area where we had a Nintendo Switch set up, with loads of retro games including our office favourite, Mario Kart, providing a well-earned rest and even a little snooze for those who could code no more.

The event ended with many tired but excited faces at the award ceremony where prizes were won for the challenges, as well as a best company award, next-generation award and favourite team name, which went to .titanic {float:none}.

Overall the event was a huge success and we look forward to the next year. Hopefully by that time everyone will have caught up on some sleep!

Whilst we served coffee throughout the weekend, serving coffee isn't the only thing we're good at. We're also the best digital recruiter in Manchester, so if you're after a new job, make sure you check out our latest roles here or pop us a call for a chat.... we'll be the perfect blend!

Take a look at just some of the photos below and see you at the next one!