Why #JoinTheFamily?

Boundless opportunities; structured career paths backed by training and support; a unique sense of belonging; just some of the reasons you might want to trust your career ambitions with us... But wait, there's more...

10 reasons to #JoinTheFamily

It's all well and good us telling you we're the best company to work for, with the best culture and the best rewards... and we will! But ultimately.. it's more meaningful when it comes from our people. 

This year we asked each and everyone of our people what they liked about being a part of the #InterQuestFamily. We narrowed this down to the Top 10 Reasons below and included a quote from just some of our fellow family members!

Personal development

With hard work and the support of the Group you can make of your career what you want... and we'll help you every step of the way!

Our training programmes

Last year, we delivered 4,806 hours of training. When you start your journey with the family, you’ll receive all the support and dedication with our extensive training programmes. And this training is consistent throughout your career with us. We offer coaching at every level, whether you’re aspiring to go into a managerial role or already an established business leader. We truly are dedicated to ensuring each and every family member reaches their full potential and we’ll be behind you 100%. 

Global mobility

As our international presence grows we need more of our #InterQuestFamily members in the UK to join our brothers and sisters abroad. This is because it is so important to us that what we build abroad is every bit as special as what we have built here. So long as they embody the SPIRIT of our values, we offer our family members a real opportunity to pursue careers outside the UK, in our New York or Frankfurt offices.

Career path

One of the major benefits of working within the family is the flexibility of your career. Want to focus more on New Business Development? Delivery? Account Management? Or take your first role in Management? You are in control of this and we will support your aspirations.

With hard work and the support of the Group you can make of your career what you want… and we’ll do everything we can to support you every step of the way!

Tailored benefits

We offer a benefits package that supports the needs of our family members.. It’s shaped by each and every one of us and the package is regularly updated in-line with what we collectively feel is most important. You can choose the benefits that suit you and can provide you with savings on Tax and NI!



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