DevOps Engineers in the UK: A guide to source the best talent

Pubished 28th April 2020

Development Operations also known as DevOps, is a practice that was born in 2009 to break the silos in organisations. A DevOps engineer aims to shorten the systems development lifecycle by automating workflows, automating infrastructure and effectively managing application performance.

There are currently 4,008 DevOps engineers in the UK and 60% of them have changed jobs in the last year. The average contractor daily rate is £610 while the average permanent salary is £72,000.

Fast stats

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DevOps Engineers in the UK

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Changed jobs in the last year

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Avg. Contractor daily rate

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Gender breakdown

The DevOps workforce in the UK has an alarming male majority of 90% whilst only 10% are female.

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Top Universities

Among the universities where most graduates are placed into DevOps roles in the UK, The Open University comes out on top producing 95 UK DevOps engineers. The The University of Manchester comes in second (52%) followed closely by Northumbria University (45%).

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University degrees

Most of the UK's DevOps engineers have a bachelor’s degree (58.6%) while over a third (36.4%) have a master’s degree.

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Top 3 most common skills among this talent

The number of DevOps Engineers that list the skill on their LinkedIn profile


Software Development





Most common skills among DevOps Engineers

The top three skills that DevOps engineers list on their LinkedIn profile are Software Development (91%), DevOps (67%) and Linux (60%).

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Fastest growing skills among DevOps Engineers

Infrastructure as code (IaC), CI and (CI/CD) are the top three fastest-growing skills among DevOps engineers.

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Companies hiring DevOps Engineers

The top companies that are growing their DevOps teams in the UK are DXC Technology (45%), Sky (13%) and Capgemini (71%).

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Industries hiring DevOps Engineers

The most popular industries where DevOps engineers have been hired in the last year are IT & Services (390), Financial Services (187) and Computer Software (120).

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Top locations for DevOps Engineers in the UK

Most of the UK's DevOps engineers are in the Central London area (1,123) followed by Westminster (83) and Barnet (38). The Westminster area has experienced the biggest year of year growth (12%) compared to the other areas.

LinkedIn Insights, April 2020

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