The IT talent landscape: Closing the skills gap and driving transformation

Pubished 18th November 2019

A study conducted by Cisco analysed 600 executives from IT, with the study revealing trust and confidence within IT infrastructure, leads to better transformation across the organisation. However, in order for IT leaders to tackle these macro challenges beyond traditional roles, a large overhaul is required to expand the businesses’ competencies across multiple areas.

The study reveals there is a very serious talent shortage in the labour market, with 93% of leaders stating that sourcing skilled professionals is a key barrier to rapid business transformation. To heighten the issue, this gap is increasing. A revamped talent strategy is therefore vital to attract the most sought after IT individuals to fuel transformation.

Whilst all IT skills are required for an efficient IT infrastructure and successful transformation, the findings disclose that a deficiency in business acumen – a true understanding of how the business works from a macro level, is the most glaring skill lacked by IT professionals.

As the war for talent deepens, IT executives must utilise every strategy within their arsenal to attract and retain the most skilled individuals on the market. Exceptional workers will be attracted to organisations with modern IT infrastructures, practised employees and the freedom to express and develop skills, in emerging technology areas.

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