The Secret to Thriving in Financial Leadership, with Anna Decoudu

Pubished 13th June 2024

Join Michelle Khan in this insightful episode of "Women Who Make it Happen," featuring the inspiring Anna Decoudu, Consumer Lending and Analytics Leader.

Discover Anna's extensive experience and her unique perspectives on building diverse teams, career growth, and the importance of company culture.

What's Inside:

🌟 Building Diverse Teams: Learn how Anna champions diversity in financial services, emphasising apprenticeships and supportive workplace policies.

🌟 Career Advice: Hear Anna's empowering advice on being courageous, leveraging support networks, and surrounding yourself with believers to achieve career success.

🌟 Navigating Big and Small Institutions: Gain insights into the differences between large and small organisations, tech transformations, evolving regulations, and changing employee expectations.

🌟 Journey into Leadership: Discover Anna’s journey to leadership, understanding how earning trust and inspiring others defines true leadership.

🌟 Importance of Company Culture: Explore how a strong, inclusive company culture and supportive leadership are key to organisational success.

🔥 Why Watch?

Get inspired by Anna’s journey and practical advice on career growth and leadership. Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Learn about the evolving landscape of financial services and the critical role of company culture.

Key Topics:
Diversity in financial services, career growth, leadership journey, company culture, tech transformations, employee well-being, financial regulations.