Mastering Customer Success: A Profitable Journey with Tamara McMillen | C-Suite Inside Out

Pubished 14th July 2023

What if your company could grow profits, retain employees, and delight customers at the same time?

This isn't just wishful thinking – it's the power of a customer success mindset!

InterQuest’s new podcast series, "C-Suite Inside Out", brings you this treasure trove of insights. Hosted by our own CGO, Chris Eldridge, our first episode features Tamara McMillen, CRO of OpenCorporates.

Tamara breaks down the customer success philosophy, urging us to view it as a holistic strategy, not just a department. She provides timely advice on new customer acquisition costs vs. the benefits of upselling to your current clients.

Listen to the full episode now! And stay tuned to "C-Suite Inside Out" for more game-changing conversations. Your next big business breakthrough could be just a podcast episode away!