Board & ExCo readiness: Moving and remaining out of the regulatory spotlight

June 20, 2024, 8:30am - 10:00am

Location: 27 Bush Lane, Cannon Green, London EC4R 0AA.

Date & Time: Thursday 20th June, 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Format: Roundtable

Join our roundtable to delve into the intricate dynamics between firms and regulators. We'll explore proven strategies for navigating regulatory expectations, making compliance more manageable and effective.

Additionally, we'll discuss approaches to resolving challenging moments in regulatory interactions, sharing best practices for fostering a more constructive relationship.

Guest Speaker: Serena Joseph, Board Adviser and INED: Kroo Bank and ICICI (UK) Bank plc

In her advisory work Serena delivers expert guidance and hands-on support to firms addressing difficulties in their regulatory relationships, those needing to reconsider the effectiveness of their formal, operational and people governance - and aligning these with their strategic intent.

She particularly enjoys working with post M&A firms and early-stage firms, helping the latter to “design-it-right” ready for scaling. She is currently a Board advisor to a bank, a B-CORP VC fund manager, an innovative cybersecurity and a couple of generative AI firms. She has 30+ years of front-line experience in supporting FS Boards across sectors, life-stages and of very different operational scale.

Her gift is in an intrinsic ability to make the complex simple and manageable. She accompanies firms through these sensitive tipping points, steering them to a productive outcome through pragmatic advice and deep insight into the regulatory agenda, people and organisational design.

Availability is limited, please contact Chris Fields, Associate Director now to sign up:

07759 129 752