Q&A with Will Hadley, Risk Regulation and Compliance

Pubished 8th November 2022

How long have you been working in recruitment and what's your specialism?

I have been working in Recruitment for nearly 7 years now and my specialism is Credit Risk Analytics recruitment. This is primarily within the UK but also within Ireland and other areas of the EU.

What are the key challenges in the market?

Brexit is a key challenge as pre-Brexit, Europe (or people with European passports) was a strong source of Credit Risk candidates whereas now companies must pay for sponsorship of visas which is a challenge which has contributed to some difficulties for some companies. Also because of Brexit, the UK is maybe less attractive than some other parts of the EU to some relocators

I think with a recession likely happening in the near future, some financial services organisations might need to make job cuts and some fintechs/start ups might be at risk of losing or missing out on funding.

Another key challenge which happens at this time of year is that it’s bonus season. Candidates will most likely miss out on bonuses if they were to hand their notice in before receiving it, meaning clients need to navigate this tricky period where applications might wind down or candidates might need higher salaries/signing on bonuses to negate the fact they’re missing out on a bonus.

What market trends are you seeing?

Climate Change Risk is an area that some of our consulting clients and banking clients have put a big focus on within the past 12-18 months and I think we will see hiring within these areas to increase even more in 2023.

We are also seeing an increased demand in Risk Modelling professionals with companies developing 2nd generation IFRS9 models and with the upcoming Basel 4 regulations coming into play, this may increase again.

A trend that we have seen as a result of all of the above is increased hiring within consultancies who are winning projects within these areas and also companies having to offer visa sponsorship to candidates within these areas due to their being a talent shortage caused by factors such as Brexit.

What advice would you give to clients given the competition in the market space?

We are seeing clients put more of a focus on Junior or Graduate hires with a view to training up Analysts rather than just looking to hire established – this could be a good hiring strategy for clients

It’s a candidate driven market currently and candidates often have several applications/interviews on the go at one time meaning they likely have multiple job offers – if you don’t move at pace then you will miss out on the best candidates. My advice would be to try and streamline the application/interview process as much as possible and ensure feedback following interview is quick!

What kind of advice would you give to candidates seeking a role?

If you are looking to move roles due to financial reasons, I would advise speaking with your current employer prior to making any applications. We have seen a sharp rise in candidates accepting counter offers over the past 12 months and it would save candidates, clients & recruiters time if you were to speak with your current employer about salary prior to applying to roles.

Any tips for interviews?

Preparation is key – do as much research on the company as possible as well as doing background reading into the role & job spec and if dealing with a recruiter, doing an in-depth preparation call prior to the interview. I would also advise doing a practice run if you have never interviewed over Teams/Zoom etc (and check that your IT equipment is working to ensure of no technical issues during the interview)

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about making a change?

Do your research and speak to people within your network who work within the area you’re looking to make a change into. Also, look to seek advice from a few expert recruiters within the field you’re looking to move into to get some advice about the market.

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