A return to in-person events

Pubished 20th May 2022

It’s been a busy few weeks for us at ECOM. Following a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we’ve now been able to launch and host several new events. It’s been great to connect with some of Manchester’s top tech talent and use our new event space at the Bonded Warehouse.

Architecting Manchester:

Architecting Manchester is a public community of practice and discussion group for all things software architecture. They attract a mix of software, DevOps and data engineers, architects, business analysts, product managers and various other technologists.

Daniel Glenn, Senior VP of Technical Operations at iVendi led an open discussion based on career pathways and progression as a Software Architect. Some of the key topics included:

  • How do I become an Architect?
  • What happens after I become an Architect?
  • How do I move out of Architecture?
  • What are the alternative career paths?

Learn more about Architecting Manchester:


Manchester Mobile meet-up:

This was the first event held for the Manchester Mobile Meetup, a community focused on creating a safe space for technologists at all levels to share what's new in the continuously evolving mobile development space. We had two fantastic guest speakers who are working at the forefront of app development:

Matteo Pasotti, Lead Android Developer at Gymshark shared insight and techniques on how to update apps using Jetpack Compose (Android toolkit for building native UI).

Jimmy Ray, Principal Developer at AutoTrader presented the benefits of the “back end to front end” (BFF) development pattern and the challenges faced to integrate this within the AutoTrader app.

Learn more about Manchester Mobile Meet-up:


As we approach summertime, we’re looking forward to hosting many more events, and enjoying more drinks/pizza and hope you can join us!

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