Creating A Winning Culture, So You Can Attract & Retain The Best Talent

Pubished 15th July 2021

Watch our latest webinar as we discuss how to create a winning culture in a business with Diana George, founder and president of By George HR Solutions.

As the founder and president of By George HR Solutions, Diana George brings with her a wealth of experience. Landing in HR after many years of Management Consulting with small business owners, Diana found a common thread with most of her clients; the ability to hire employees that fit their company culture.

Diana has worked with global companies such as BOSE and the Swatch Group, specifically their luxury brand OMEGA. Diana brings with her over three decades of experience in a career that has encompassed leadership in retail, non-profit, health and wellness and the private sector. She learned early on how to motivate and get the best out of people which she now teaches organizations.

A co-author in “Anatomy of Accomplishment” Diana’s shares seven strategies on how to have a winning company culture. She teaches luxury companies how to WOW, communicate to, coach, and retain top talent whose values match their company culture. Diana is the number one person you go to when you want to hire right the first time.