The Future of HR

Pubished 26th October 2020

In 2020 the role and voice of HR have never been so important and good HR talent have never been so sought after. What is the future of the position? What new skills must HR have? What new challenges? 2020 has thrown up so much!

What about our evolution into a world of increasing automation? What HR skills will be replaced by this, and what new ones will need to be picked up? We discuss this and more with our three speakers: Amina Folarin, Global HR Director, Oliver Agency; Rohan Kallicharan HR Director, BenevolentAI; and Martin Nicholson, Director, ProAction HR.

Amina Folarin

Amina is the Global HR Director of OLIVER, a global in-house agency that plants teams of creatives within its clients’ offices to encourage collaboration and improve project efficiencies. Amina believes firmly that HR is everyone’s responsibility and that her job is about making sure the senior and middle management teams have the support, training and tools they need to lead happy productive teams. Amina leads the People Function at OLIVER, overseeing learning and development, recruitment and employee engagement and communication.

Acting as the business’ people conscience in senior management team meetings to discuss the impact business decisions will have on employees. Amina sits on OLIVER’s global exec committee and UK senior management team. Regularly meeting with both teams to review and resolve any HR-related issues, including recruiting for new business and discussing the talent needed agency-wide. She is seen as the managing director of people within the business, bringing employees into the conversation and making sure their needs are continually addressed.

Rohan Kallicharan

Rohan is HR Director at BenevolentAI and an ambassador for Mind, the mental health charity. He has advised a number of high profile companies on their mental wellbeing strategy, as well as involvement in national campaigns to raise awareness around mental health.

Recently, he has worked with the FA, Heads Together and Kensington Palace, speaking to Sky News, the BBC and ITV about his own journey from severe mental illness and homelessness to advocacy, and championing the significant role of sport and football in breaking down barriers in talking about mental wellbeing, especially for young men.

He has, in 2020, been named as a role model on the InsideOut Leaderboard, celebrating workplace leaders who are open about their experiences of mental ill-health.

Away from work and mental health campaigning, he is happily married to Claire and has also run 37 marathons, mostly to raise awareness around mental health and homelessness."

Martin Nicholson

With 25 years in his HR/Change management career both in the UK and internationally. Martin has a strong desire to place people at the forefront of a business’s success which enables him to focus on the people agenda and realize opportunities for efficiency and better practice.A Prince 2 practitioner and qualified performance coach, Martin brings rigour and challenge to any client’s business to enable them to achieve their goals.

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