Remote resignation: maintaining reputation & communication

Pubished 31st March 2020

Handing in your resignation remotely is more common than most people think. We all have friends and colleagues these days who work from home 100% of the time. Do they just never move jobs?

In addition to this - around the summer months, many hiring managers and employees go on vacations with their families! Do people just not move jobs in the summer?

The answer to both is…. OF COURSE NOT!

However, InterQuest understands that for many it is not what they are used to doing. We therefore want to make sure your relationships and reputation are left in great standing with your old employer.

After all – this is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are about to start a new role, with an organisation in full growth mode & one that has pulled all the stops out to get you on board!

Here is our top guide to remote resignations:

  • Prepare - Have your resignation written out. You are then able to verbally deliver the news to your manager + HR – then follow up in writing. This combines both the personal and professional as well as closing the loop.
  • Use a video call - Where possible, always conduct your verbal resignation on a video call. This respect shown will reflect in an easier and more personable hand over.
  • Don’t get caught in the pandemic panic - Often, HR or hiring managers may be on edge – especially at organisations facing tough times right now. Don’t be caught out by phrases such as “but are you sure you want to leave in this climate” or “but when this is all done you were going to receive X, Y & Z”.
  • Timeline - Have your transition time as per your contract & your new employer agreement planned out! Offer a full and transparent hand over & make sure you do everything you can to exit the organisation in a productive and positive manner.
  • The usual counter-offer – You may receive the usual counter-offer from your current employer. Please refer to our attached document on the protocol for this. As always, the golden rule is – Why has it taken up until now to make changes?
  • Be prepared to follow new exit strategies – You want to be accommodating to the business you are leaving. They may have a new exit interview structure, or ask you to communicate your departure in a different manner to other employees. Listen and make sure your exit is as calm as possible.

Finally, relax.

You have exited a business in an accommodating and respectful manner. You now have time to spend with your family, as you move on to the next exciting stage of your career.