Mental Health Awareness - Day 2 – Let's talk

Pubished 15th May 2018

It sounds such an easy thing to do, doesn’t it? But sitting down and talking about your own mental health can be a really difficult thing to do. The stigma attached to any psychiatric problems are still very much here – it’s said that nine out of ten people experience stigma as a direct result of their mental health!

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We all need to start talking about mental health. We need to be honest and open, but also ready to listen. Breaking down those walls makes such a difference to everyone – you may well find out that there’s more people than you think who suffer from a mental health problem!

Talking about problems is well known to help people who are suffering – peer support and talking therapies are extremely well known and well in demand! A very similar thing can happen with someone who’s just willing to listen to someone speak openly about their mental illness – just offloading the thoughts that are bombarding you in your own mind is extremely cathartic.

We freely talk about a broken arm, a sprained ankle – even a hangover. Let’s make it okay to talk about anxiety, depression, bipolar, BPD etc – exactly the same way.

Written by our very own Gareth Molyneux, CEO of Spark, one of InterQuest Group’s chosen CSR charities.

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