Manchester JavaScript skillsets report

Pubished 9th December 2019

The following report compares six of the most popular JavaScript frameworks/ libraries and the demand surrounding these skills sets within a 5 mile radius of the centre of Manchester.

  • Chosen frameworks: Angular and Ember
  • Chosen libraries: Jquery, React, Node and Backbone

What is a JavaScript Framework?

Generally speaking, JavaScript libraries are collections of prewritten code snippets that can be used (and reused) to perform common JavaScript functions. JavaScript library code can be plugged into the rest of your project’s code on an “as needed” basis.

What is a JavaScript library?

JavaScript frameworks are a full toolset that help shape and organise your website or web application. When you’re trying to define frameworks in the context of JavaScript framework vs library, think of it this way: JavaScript libraries are like pieces of furniture that add style and function to an already constructed house. Frameworks, on the other hand, are a template you use to build the house itself.


5 mile search radius

Fast stats


Total number of candidates


Average salary (£)


Candidates per vacancy

Candidates vs vacancies

The ratio of candidates to vacancies suggests that Developers with Ember and React skills sets are highly sort after but difficult to find.

Data captured: January 2020

Gender breakdown

The data tells us that that vast majority of candidates are predominantly male.

Data captured: January 2020

Experience breakdown

Backbone and React have the lowest level of highly experienced developers (8+ years) at just 15% and 18% respectively.

React has the highest number of least experienced professionals (1-3 years).

Backbone candidates with 4-7 years experience represent the biggest pool of talent over every Javascript framework/ library featured here.

Data captured: January 2020

Salary breakdown

For each salary banding Jquery is showing the lowest average salaries, whilst React has the highest average salary at £44,222. This is not surprising as our data tells us that out of the four libraries/frameworks, the React skill set is the most highly sort after but difficult to find.

Data captured: January 2020