InterQuest Group's reception in Cannon Green, clover pattern on the wall in light oak

Appointment on new CEO signals new opportunity for Investors

Pubished 9th November 2015

In a recent article, ‘This is Money’ discusses InterQuest’s attract investment position despite a sliding share price. Last October a failed purchase of the Group resulted in investors becoming uncertain of the InterQuest’s future. Despite this, InterQuest has announced record Interim results and captured a substantial position in a highly niche market.

Moving up from 12th to 7th, largest IT and Telecoms recruiter in the UK, InterQuest have been able to position themselves as ‘THE’ experts in the high-niche, high-margin markets the Group serves through in-depth articles, whitepapers, surveys and insights. InterQuest have become a trusted source of knowledge among hard-to-find talent in emerging markets experiencing structural growth - meaning the business thrives where others struggle.

Added in a decent dividend at 3.9 per cent yield, two-thirds net revenues recurring and a cheap debt facility that could help bankroll acquisitions at just 1.8 points over the base rate, InterQuest is being tipped to watch out for, with aggressive growth predicted over the next three years...

Executive Chairman Gary Ashworth commented:

“When you don’t sell you look like the toy the shop couldn’t sell… Nothing could be further from the truth. We put our interims out and they were great… [it is] full steam ahead' at InterQuest. The economy is in good shape and we have positioned ourselves to take advantage of the bits that are enjoying structural growth.”

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