InterQuest Group's reception in Cannon Green, clover pattern on the wall in light oak

Investors Chronicle Spotlight on ‘Fast-growing recruiter InterQuest’

Pubished 11th April 2014

Today InterQuest have been featured by leading investment publication ‘Investors Chronicle’ in an article highlighting the Group’s progress, financial results and positive sentiment towards its strong share price performance.

The article cited the recruitment sector as a beneficiary of the economic recovery, highlighting InterQuest as showing particularly strong signs of growth, while other recruitment organisations have become “dragged down by tough conditions in Europe and elsewhere”. The Investors Chronicle placed particular focus on the restructuring of InterQuest, which began a little over two years ago alongside the Group’s focus on key niche markets and customer retention in its positive review, noting that:

“The company is not merely relying on macro-economic tailwinds... InterQuest completed a restructuring in 2012; It also refocused the business on the higher value end of the IT Market and introduced a range of incremental self-help measures, such as placing more focus on cross-selling and improving customer retention. InterQuest’s share price, up over 60% in the past 12 months, has undoubtedly responded to recent positive trading. But there should be plenty of room left for the shares to run from here should the company deliver another strong year of earning growth.”

In addition to this Investors Chronicle also observed predictions from analysts Charles Stanley who reportedly expect InterQuest’s profits to rise by close to 60% in 2014, which the Chronicle says are “achievable, given cash profits rose two fifths last year, when the UK economy grew at a rate of 1.7% per year.”

InterQuest’s CEO Mark Braund Commented:

“Our goal is to outperform the market and we have done this during the challenges of an economic downturn, we are now gearing up to be certain of doing the same during the recovery. With an exceptional team of recruitment leaders and talented recruitment consultants, all focused on key niche markets with strong demand, our strategy is delivering; connecting the very best opportunities with the very best talent and in doing so solving some of the UK economy’s most difficult recruitment challenges. Customers are willing to pay for value, especially when it connects them with the talent that makes a difference to their business; that’s our job and we will continue to work hard on being the best at what we do.”

The Investor’s Chronicle’s full report can be read on their website or found in their printed edition for 11/04/2014.