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InterQuest Umbrella PSL

InterQuest Group (and its subsidiary businesses) operates a UK-wide Preferred Supplier List (“PSL”) of Umbrella Providers. All suppliers on our PSL are members of the FCSA (https://www.fcsa.org.uk/) and additionally have been through a stringent compliance audit. The PSL and its individual members are reviewed regularly to ensure the continued quality and compliance of our supply chain.

Our approved Umbrella providers are:

Telephone: 0800 197 6516 (option 1)
Email: newbusiness@paystream.co.uk
Account Managers: Jennifer Shannon (Jennifer.Shannon@paystream.co.uk) Alan Starr (Alan.Starr@paystream.co.uk)

Brookson Umbrella Solutions Limited
0800 2300213
Account Manager:
James Bell (James.bell@brookson.co.uk)

Parasol Limited

0800 458 0818
Account Manager:
Sarah Antley (Sarah.antley@optionis.co.uk)


01625 546610
Account Manager:
Liam Bradshaw (liam.bradshaw@umbrella.co.uk)

NASA Umbrella Limited
0117 9297683
Account Manager:
Alex Spendley

The services offered by these providers under this PSL are for umbrella purposes only.

InterQuest Group does not endorse the benefits of operating through an umbrella provider or encourage contactors to work via any particular provider on this PSL. Contractors have the full right to decide how they engage on an assignment through InterQuest Group, subject to compliance with applicable legal and tax legislation. InterQuest Group, nor its employees or representatives will provide guidance on selecting a specific engagement method or umbrella provider on the PSL. If you do require assistance please seek independent advice.

We do not accept or assume any responsibility for any actions, claims, proceedings, demands, losses, costs, damages or any other consequences arising from reliance upon any services provided by any umbrella provider, direct or indirectly. This includes compliance checking. Whilst InterQuest Group has undertaken compliance audits on its PSL suppliers, it is still the responsibility of the contractor to carry out their own checks.

The PSL is reviewed on an annual basis and we do reserve the right to change the PSL from time to time. This includes when a provider does not pass through our compliance checks or does not adhere to FCSA standards. To maintain the integrity of the PSL, our supply chain and those of our clients, no other Umbrella provider will be engaged by InterQuest Group.


If you have any additional questions an FAQ is available for you by clicking here.