Talent Advisory Service Catalogue

Our human capital management solutions are about so much more than just recruitment. We work alongside your in-house teams to advise upon every aspect of your talent engagement strategy so that your workforce can respond more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Hiring Manager Training

Our hiring manager training is an interactive session to inform your hiring managers about the best practice interviewing, ensuring they are equipped with the required knowledge and techniques to make the right hires.

It will provide your hiring managers with the confidence to ask probing and investigative questions in a more structured way, knowing that the response will help them to make the right choice of hire, that is both technically and culturally suited to your organisation.

Contingent Workforce Audits

A discovery and recommendations programme to identify and review contingent workers within an organisation - including compliance checks, tenure and associated costs. This information is used to understand the workforce entirely and identify associated risks and process inefficiencies.

This is beneficial if you need a complete overview of your contingent workforce, associated risks/ costs, and the actions required to facilitate issue resolution. This may be in preparation for outsourcing, determining compliance against existing/upcoming IR35 legislation or a desire for cost control.

Microsite Design & Development

We'll build and develop a careers site delivering compelling candidate experiences for organisations looking to enhance their employer brand and increase candidate conversions. Career sites, focused on positive candidate experiences and accurate representations of the EVP, are critical to talent engagement.

If your website is not recruitment focused and your business would benefit from a self-sustaining platform for engaging with passive talent, we can improve your employer brand presence and increase conversions for target candidates.

EVP & Brand Audits

A comprehensive insight into your EVP and brand presence in the external market – including competitor analysis, website presence, social media utilisation, employee and market feedback; and strategic recommendations on optimising digital platforms to engage the market’s most desirable passive prospects.

This service would be beneficial to you if you wish to gain a through understanding of your EVP/ brand presence and understand how to optimise your digital recruitment activity to increase target candidate applications.

Sourcing Channel Optimisation

An audit of your sourcing tools, resources and strategy, reviewing channel utilisation and ROI. Analysis of your current and future requirements and recommendations on sourcing spend to create profit. Provision of a bespoke training programme on sourcing techniques using free and paid for methods.

This will be of extreme use if your sourcing strategy does not currently provide a profitable return on investment, and your team require support in developing effective direct sourcing techniques.

Recruitment Campaign Management

Project based recruitment campaign management aimed at supporting with peaks in hiring activity or special projects. This service is focused on providing rapid implementation, industry specific expertise, and end to end process management within a limited time-frame.

If peak hiring periods don't justify the employment of additional recruiters in your team, or you want to outsource projects to a specialist provider, ensuring quality, timely delivery, and transparency, then this service will be invaluable.

Talent Acquisition Diagnostics

A process audit designed to identify and measure your current recruitment processes and ways of working. This type of audit is designed to provide you with a full, detailed understanding of what is working well, and what could be improved – along with a set of tailored recommendations for your business.

This would be of benefit if you would like an in-depth insight into the current state and future expectations of your recruitment function, or need data to justify the requirement for amendments to the recruitment team to enable future success.

Recruitment Technology Implementations

The provision of expert Project Managers to support the implementation of Vendor Management Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems through process identification and technology configuration, working as a specialist interface between you and your supplier.

If you are looking to implement a new recruitment technology platform, and require support with project managing the end to end process – either alongside or in addition to your existing team.

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