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Our analytics recruitment experts will help you find the market’s most desirable prospects within data science, web analytics, risk analytics, customer insight, BI & data warehousing and big data.

Data Science

Data Science remains one of the most sought after analytical skills. We live in an information age, where the volume of data processed by organisations continues to increase exponentially. Demand for data scientists, who can accurately implement complex statistical techniques, such as Machine Learning and Random Forest, to interpret structured and unstructured datasets, is quite simply unprecedented. Data scientists’ actionable data insights really do inform business decisions and accelerate performance.

Web Analytics

We live in a digital age. Organizations must offer digital products and services that deliver compelling user experiences for their particular audience. With Web Analytics, your organization can decipher what your audience is telling you about your brand. By working with our Web Analysts, who are experts in tools such as Adobe Analytics / Omniture Site Catalyst, Coremetrics, Webtrends and Google Analytics, you will be able to continually improve your website’s performance by optimizing the User Experience (UX) and maximizing PPC and SEO.

Risk Analytics

As risk continues to diversify, businesses must be able to respond appropriately to its evolving complexities.   Risk analytics provide organizations with an unprecedented ability to identify, measure and mitigate risk.  Risk analytics can take many different forms. Retail banks build risk scorecards to assess consumers’ risk whilst investment banks use risk assessments to inform derivative strategies.  Individuals’ experience of statistical tools (SAS, R, SQL) and an understanding of statistical modelling, enable organizations to produce deeper risk insights.

Customer Insight

Producing genuine insights into consumers’ behavior is perhaps one of the first mainstream success stories of data analytics.  Organisations have learned that by analysing consumers’ behavior, we can play into those behaviors, using them to create competitive advantage.  This has resulted in the explosion of commercially minded database marketing analysts who use tools such as SAS and SQL to collect and interpret transactional consumer data and build complex propensity models that accurately predict consumer behavior.

BI & Data Warehousing

The collection and organization of accurate, complete datasets is critically important. Experts in data warehousing, ETL, database administration and business intelligence really do enable businesses to implement data-driven strategies. Data visualization, which is used to transform raw data collection findings into simple graphical formats, allows organisations to identify patterns in the data. Experts in user-friendly visual dashboards, using tools such as Tableau and Qlikview, are more in demand today than ever before.

Big Data

Big Data is the biggest buzz word in data analytics today.  Data is produced every second of every day, at an incredible rate, and in so many different ways – customer transactions, web data, mobile data, telesales, email data and video data. The business-critical process of obtaining and collating this data, in both structured and unstructured forms, is extremely complex. We can help you find the market’s most desirable Big Data specialists – the experts in tools like Hadoop, Hive, Spark and MongoDB, who will inform your data-driven strategy.

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