Project Manager-Scrum Master (Customer Engagement & CRM)

£75,000 | London | Permanent

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Job purpose:

The Scrum Master is effectively a delivery manager for their stream of product development. They help to organise and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of resources, they measure and maintain delivery pace, they ensure the quality and organisation of the delivery backlog and user stories, and they own recording and escalation of risk and issues in delivery to the Product Owner and senior stakeholders. Since our Scrums will not be large, they will also be part and parcel of the delivery team, helping to own and execute delivery tasks and becoming both member and servant leader / facilitator of the team.

Key Accountabilities

* Agile Coaching: Guiding the delivery team and organisation on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values to delight customers
* Ownership of Agile Principles: The Scrum Master coaches the team on agile principles - and helps to put these into practice, for example by suggesting trying hard stories first to fail fast, or by thinking ahead to what will be shown at Sprint Planning and ensuring working software is available for this by planning the Sprint effectively.
* Planning and Ceremonies: Facilitating the ceremonies of Scrum (daily scrums, sprint planning, show-and-tell and retrospectives) and ensuring sprint plans and backlogs are reliable, practical, and achievable for the team.
* Daily Planning and R&R: Guiding the team on how to get the most of out self-organisation and daily planning of responsibilities and roles
* Delivery Management and Planning: The Scrum Master will work with the Product Owner to ensure the deliverability of the Product Roadmap, and to advise on the technology best-practice approaches and methods to achieve the outcomes desired by the business. The Scrum Master will own the delivery of this on time and above customer expectation.
* Assessing and Improving Delivery Maturity: Assessing the Scrum Maturity of the team and organisation and coaching the team to higher levels of maturity and thus efficiency, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organisation
* Risk & Issue Management: Removing impediments or guiding the team to remove impediments by finding the right personnel and escalations to remove the impediment. This will include being the owner of the RAID log for the Scrum, working closely with the Product Owner on this.
* Owning Team Building: Building a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis on healing and problem solving.
* Product Owner Support & Education: Supporting and educating the Product Owner, especially with respect to grooming and maintaining the product backlog. They will also support the Product Owner in roadmap development, ensuring that release management is effective, properly resourced and costed, and thus doesn't over-promise to the business.
* Delivery Efficiency: Facilitating discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution around improving delivery efficiency and team working, especially through owning sprint retrospectives and ownership of improvement actions from the retrospectives. The Scrum Master will also measure delivery efficiency through managing and record story points and burndown velocity, and will be in charge of making the work of the delivery team predictable and sustainable.
* Communications: Assisting the Product Owner with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information to the business. The Scrum Master will be responsible for writing sprint and monthly reports, and for organising and facilitating show-and-tells and other communications ceremonies as necessary in collaboration with the Product Owner.
* Credibility as Servant Leader: Providing all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example, being seen by the business and development team as a credible person in respect to efficient product development.
* Backlog Maturity and Fitness for Purpose: While the backlog is formally owned by the Product Owner, the Scrum Master will facilitate Backlog Grooming sessions and help to "translate" the business backlog into technical delivery terms.
* Supplier Management: The Scrum Master will manage suppliers and their input and involvement in the Scrum, often by interfacing with Scrum Masters within the delivery organisation.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience


* An in-depth understanding of all aspects of CRM and CRM delivery, and comfort advising TLS on CRM functionality and likely delivery limitations or risks of using CRM.
* Scrum Qualification, and / or experience of managing products in Agile Scrum, or Scrum-related agile methodologies, as a scrum master or equivalent development team coach.
* Talented facilitator and coach, with wide experience of methodological implementation in traditional IT departments or waterfall businesses.
* Experience managing a portfolio of product projects or goals, especially where these relate to customer engagement outcomes through CRM. Experience of customer contact, customer communications, member management and customer analytics through CRM particularly useful.
* A natural pragmatic thinking, with experience of iterative delivery of business-critical strategies and plans through leading IT.
* A CRM literate and credible individual, with an excellent understanding and experience of CRM capabilities (esp. D365) and their impact on the business.
* A natural servant leader, with wide experience of managing diverse teams and dealing with sensitivities within these.
* Thorough planner and self-manager, with experience of planning within a Scrum environment, and managing Product Owner expectations & messaging in an Agile way.
* Experience of managing technical suppliers from both a delivery and performance point of view, as well as working with internal service transition teams to put products into business-as-usual ownership.
* In-depth knowledge of the technology capabilities needed to implement effective customer engagement in an organisation.
* In-depth knowledge of the landscape of supply and add-ons to CRM, especially the D365 supplier and developer landscape.
* Ability to think and act pragmatically objectives in-sprint, balancing the need for delivery of particular objectives with the reality of development and implementation. Particularly important is the experience if managing and escalating risk and issues in Scrum, and of owning issues and getting them solved potentially at the highest levels of management.
* Strong communication and stakeholder management skills (listening, influencing and persuasiveness), capable of dealing effectively with all levels of staff.
* Strong, clear and accurate reporting skills, bringing honesty, clarity, and above all demonstrable results and working software in understandable language to the highest level stakeholders.
* The ability to work well under pressure and deliver to deadlines within all areas of the business.
* Understanding of the business change impacts of Scrum work and deliver, and experience holding Product Owners accountable for the delivery of change plans and interdependencies.
* Experience owner RAID, RACI and other project documentation, and particularly owning the quality and consistency of documenting development, especially using VSTS as a basis for this.
* Experience of working in a Dynamics365 environment (or of using similar systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP etc.) to meet Customer Engagement challenges
* Knowledge of agile metrics and objects, such as tasks, backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, user stories etc.


* Understanding of similar organisations (professional bodies, accrediting bodies, legal organisations, etc.)
* Strong knowledge of agile techniques such as Continuous Integration, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Automated Testing, Agile Games.
* Knowledge of agile methodologies and frameworks outside of Scrum such as Kanban, XP, etc.
* Qualifications in Prince2, MSP, or related waterfall methodologies
* Experience or knowledge of developing and establishing data governance and data management through CRM

Planning & Organising

* Excellent and proven roadmap and sprint planning experience, including the identification of technical and business interdependencies with the Product Owner.
* Use of agile methodologies, especially in planning development eam resources and setting business expectations of delivery.
* Use of project planning tools including RAID logs, RACI, backlogs, Epic & Story management, MVP definition, charters, PIDs, business cases etc.
* Planning and organising own work as well as the work of the development team, and helping to plan the Product Owner's input into the Scrum.
* Comfortable in direct line management of some technical resources, and in setting appropriate stretch targets, KPIs and development objectives for staff that relate to project goals.
* Managing effectively several projects/workstreams and stakeholders with competing deadlines, priorities and interests
* Highly collaborative, integrating and aligning plans with other IT functions such as service transition, TDA, solution architecture, etc.
* Comfortable working and planning in Programme environments, and familiar with typical programme processes such as TDA, Stage Gates etc.
* Being flexible as projects and priorities change - and initiating flexibility based on development reality
* Strength of character in planning, especially in terms of collaboratively challenging the expectations of the Product Owner, or of top-down delivery expectations where these are unrealistic. The Scrum Master must see themselves as protecting the development team as well as performance managing them.


* Managing a portfolio of projects and indirectly development stakeholders. Likely direct line management