Business Science Director

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Posted 9 months ago

Objectives of the Role:
The Business Science Director will manage marketing mix modeling and other analytics solutions supporting a portfolio of accounts at the Client. The Director will have a critical role in ensuring consistent and quality output on all projects. Will act as a key interface for clients and will have a large share of client interaction as he or she works closely with the Account Management Directors to provide all analytics support. The Director will manage both financial and manpower resources within the group for all projects he or she is responsible for. The Director will also be responsible for managing effective communication with other internal resources at the Client for the concerned projects.

The Business Science Director is expected to demonstrate the following skills/experience: hands-on experience in quantitative data analysis, creative problem solving, analytical modeling, the ability to develop/analyze business cases, research skills, excellent oral and written communication skills, client focused and the ability to support and enable teamwork, self-motivated and able to operate independently with limited guidance and direction.

Business Responsibilities:
• Provide on-going analytical support utilizing marketing mix modeling and forecasting, to address a wide variety of client issues including media and new products.
• Present to clients and prospective clients on results of current projects as well as new business opportunities.
• Work on-site with the client, when appropriate.
• Ensure a high level of client satisfaction.
• Manage projects that primarily focus on the impact and/or ROI (return on investment) of media and marketing activities (including advertising, promotional activities and pricing strategies).
• Work in an integrated fashion with client marketing insight and marketing professionals to make recommendations based on analyses and experience.
• Competitive drive.

People Responsibilities:
• Able to inspire others.
• Able to grow the business and develop managers, senior and junior analysts.

Skills and Behaviors:
• Experience with advanced analytic techniques, such as multivariate regression analysis, Bayesian shrinkage, predictive modeling, logistic regression, factor analysis, sales forecasting, response prediction, advertising effectiveness, consumer profiling, market mix and ROI measurement.
• Knowledge of a variety of analytic tools.
• Fluency in SAS, SPSS, R or any other advanced analytics software package.
• Comprehensive understanding of metrics: Media (e.g. impression, GRP, CPV etc.), Measurement analytics, Quantitative business measures (LTV, ROI, Effectiveness, etc.), Statistics (Correlations, sample sizing, t-value VIF etc.).
• Experience with Business Intelligence and Data Mining Applications a must.
• Proven track record of dealing directly with clients is required.
• Able to work in a team environment.
• Excellent communications skills when addressing both research and non-research audiences.

Qualifications and other relevant information:
• 6 years’ experience in statistical and econometric analysis, with emphasis in the area of Marketing Mix Analysis.
• Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Statistics or related discipline.
• Graduate degree is a plus.

For more information about this role, please contact:

Nikita Balfour
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