MIQ Monthly - January 2023

Pubished 5th January 2023

New year, new trends. Welcome to the January 2023 release of the MIQ Monthly, your destination for the latest candidate trends.

MIQ curates and summarises the most critical workforce trends to support your people strategies and help you build a sustainable talent advantage through various formats and media.

Main points in January 2023:

  1. Confidence in making hiring and investment decisions fell by 2% compared to the previous rolling quarter to net: -29. Source: Recruitment and Employment Confederation
  2. Job postings on Indeed UK increased to 48.22% above the pre-pandemic baseline. That’s the highest level since December 2021. Hiring demand continues to show resilience to economic headwinds. Source: Indeed
  3. Compensation overtakes flexibility as a priority for candidates due to the economic climate. Source: LinkedIn, Talent Trends in the United Kingdom

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