Tech Talent, Unlocked: The Podcast | Episode 4 | Sandy Begbie

Pubished 25th October 2021

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For episode 4 of the Tech Talent, Unlocked: The Podcast, we speak with Sandy Begbie, Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise, where he shares his extensive knowledge on the digital skills shortage and how to overcome it.

He explains to listeners that although there are a number of factors that contribute to the shortage, the key reason is as a result of misinformed or uncertain decisions made by young people regarding their career path.

He tells us that his company, Scottish Financial Enterprise, has introduced their Unified Schools Programme into secondary schools across Scotland in an attempt to reduce the shortage, allowing the younger generation to be made aware of the many opportunities that exist within the financial services sector and beyond, regardless of their background.

He brings his expert insight on the industry skill shortage throughout the episode, so it’s definitely not one to be missed.