Jay Compson's Jobs

Performance Marketing Consultant

Search. Analytics. Social. Display. We’re looking for a Performance Marketing Consultant. A person to oversee the strategy and management of an agencies full paid media offering. Playing an integral...


Senior PPC Executive

Paid Search. Ecommerce. Lead-gen. We’re looking for a senior PPC specialist. Someone with their eyes on a management role. An individual stepping in, to continue working on a high profile...

Greater Manchester

Director Of Digital Strategy

Operations. Search Marketing. The direction of a national agency. We’re looking for a Digital Director. A leader. Someone who can walk into a room and have the most senior presence...


Jay Compson Interquest Recruitment

Jay Compson

0161 237 0025

Consultant, digital & creative agencies across Manchester

Agencies are different; people are different. What may be right for one, isn't for another.

By understanding directions, I look to match two visions together. Whilst building symbiotic relationships and enjoying a chat through the process.

All ears about:

* Digital Strategy

* Paid & Organic Search

* Content

* Advertising & Branding

* Art & Production

* Client Services