Sam Baillie, from IQ Tech, is one of InterQuest’s in-house experts across critical technologies impacting enterprises. She discusses the sector’s current trends, most in demand skills, biggest factors impacting technology and how these all impact the evolution of IQ Tech.


Social Media Recruitment - Keeping Up With The Times

1st June 2015

As Bob Dylan famously sang; the times, they are a-changin'. It's very unlikely he was talking about the recruitment industry when he wrote that song - but it is something that is evolving at a staggering rate. In a blog featured on Recruitment Buzz, we discuss the changing face of our industry - documenting the switchover we have seen into the digital world and now onto social media.
92% of companies are now using social media as a recruitment tool and candidates are increasingly turning to the platform as a primary method of searching for employment. Current technology means the potential audience a recruiter can reach is infinitely larger than was ever thought possible, but what can be done to really maximise this new found potential?
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