Mobile Recruitment: Optimising Accessibility For Candidates

Paul Sharpe | February 9th, 2017

As more and more job seekers are using smartphones to look for new opportunities, mobile recruitment has taken the spotlight across the industry. It is now essential for any recruitment agency to have a strategy in place in order to engage with candidates utilising this technology to obtain a competitive advantage.

InterQuest’s own Paul Sharpe, Managing Director of Enterprise gave his thoughts to Recruitment International about how companies can optimise recruitment accessibility for the needs of all candidates.
“In 2017, recruitment companies should have mobile functionality on their websites as a matter of routine. However, it’s vitally important to understand your strategy and how this supports both the business and the candidate’s needs. Candidates largely use mobile devices to access an agency's website and browse jobs but they typically apply later in the evening via desktop or laptop. This is down to practicality more than anything; mobile devices are not ideal for uploading documents like CVs and also candidates are rarely able to converse with recruitment consultants in their working hours.”
“So mobile functionality is about making the service engaging by using innovative techniques to make the process as easy as possible for the candidate. We do this through removing pain points; a live chat function for instant communication, a register your CV option with integrated LinkedIn functionality and the ability to quickly connect with a trusted expert consultant. Recruitment is evolving and is now all about credibility, engagement and influence. Maximising every channel possible will help the best agencies survive these changing times.” 
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About the author

Paul Sharpe

Group Sales and Marketing Director

Paul Sharpe joined the InterQuest Group in July of 2012 to help InterQuest leverage its specialist capability with the knowledge of scalable, complex solutions that Paul brings, together with the consultative approach that Paul naturally posses. This includes every aspect of the sales lifecycle including Marketing, Bid and Sales. In November 2012 Paul built the first Group Bid function, supported by best practice, clearly defined processes and world class bid techniques. All our bid activity and general sales support is centralised and InterQuest currently have a world class bid to win ratio unique across the industry. Paul holds responsibility for not only all Group bids, sales and marketing but he is accountable for cross selling, client development, along with internal recruitment and partner relationships.

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