Crisis Communications: Come On Guys…Really?

November 22nd, 2016

"It's probably fair to say nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes at work… right? It's part of any employee's professional development, you make mistakes, learn from them and move on. BUT, what happens when you make a mistake at the social media helm of an international brand? Your slip up becomes very public, very embarrassing and worst of all, it becomes VERY damaging to your brand reputation.
My article this week is inspired by an event that I can only imagine has added a whole social media team to the queue at their local JobCentre, which I have so aptly named "NewBalanceLoveTrumpNowKKKLoveNewBalance-gate" - Catchy right?
To anyone who hasn't heard about this, here is a quick overview, New Balance (the trainer brand) messed up… big time. What happened is actually quite amusing in a kind of twisted way. In the wake of a shock Trump electoral win, as the 48 million people that didn't vote for Trump came to terms with the thought of 'The Donald' coming into power, New Balance's PR and social media 'experts' thought it would be appropriate to wade into a political fire storm, with no real foresight to the potential backlash a politically motivated tweet can bring to a business. It was all fine until the world's most famous racial hate group saw this as kind of warped partnership opportunity… *Queue the world falling out from under everyone involved's feet*"
In his newest blog, ECOM's own Jake Stainton talks about crisis communications and PR. What can you do to avoid putting your business into the kind of situation New Balance found itself in?
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