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Specialists in the provision of bespoke recruitment solutions

Specialists in the provision of bespoke recruitment solutions, from one-off consulting projects to fully outsourced programmes.

Generic agencies find attracting specialist and niche skills difficult; conversely most specialist agencies don’t have the infrastructure to supply outsourced services. Bringing our specialist brands and solutions teams together we offer our clients the best of both worlds; an ability to connect in-demand skills with scalable, bespoke, outsourcing services.

Experts in delivering end to end recruitment solutions and unbundled services, we offer bespoke solutions to supporting your recruitment challenges and transforming the experience for both hiring managers and candidates. Typically these include;

  • Contingent workforce solutions
  • Permanent staffing solutions
  • Critical hire resourcing
  • Talent mapping
  • Employed consultant models
  • Interim recruiters
  • Consultancy and diagnostics

Being a true extension of your in house HR team is the start point not the finish. Working side by side and in some cases as a pure extension of your in-house teams, customers can expect to realise significant key benefits from the implementation of our solutions; typically these fall in to four main categories; 

  • Recruitment capability: proven niche recruitment expertise which allows us to connect the best candidates in the market within suitably aggressive timeframes
  • Service excellence: we measure all we do to continuously improve the experience of both the hiring manager and the candidate
  • Cost: most organisations measure the costs of each hire, given the critical nature of the specialist skills we recruit we also measure the cost of not having the right talent at the right time
  • Compliance: given the rigour of the markets that we operate within, compliance, best practice and auditable records are at the core of all we do

Proud about what our customers say, our high performing teams take pride in our customer satisfaction programmes. This frequently extends to our client’s supplier performance programmes where we consistently excel and out perform some of the world’s largest outsourcing organisations. However you shouldn’t take our word for this which is why we offer to connect all our clients both existing and future.

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